Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) describes coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Beginning with a clear, unblinkered assessment of where you are, you define and get crystal clear on where you want to be.  This can take a surprising amount of work and deep examination, of your values and purpose in life and work.  Developing a clear outcome, and setting a clear intent to get there, is critical, and just the beginning.  Getting there is facilitated by the actions you take, guided by your strategic life/career plan (designed with your coach), and supported by the accountability structure and framework provided by your coach.   Movement toward your goals happens both within and between the coaching sessions.

Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely, and each coaching contract includes a clause protecting your confidentiality.  Your sense of safety and confidence in the process is important to us.   In fact, we treat any inquiry about our services as confidential, even if you choose not to take advantage of our services.

How long does coaching take?

Typically, most coaching programs begin with a minimum of three months; many clients opt to continue the coaching relationship for up to a year or more, as they find great value.  As clients come to coaching because they are looking to make a change in their professional and/or personal lives, change takes time.  Studies on behaviour change have found that it takes a minimum of three months for a change to happen, and longer for that change to stick.

Sometimes, a returning client has a specific issue to solve that may require one to three sessions – for example, a new job interview is scheduled, and the client desires feedback and role-play in preparing for the interview, and coaching on salary negotiation when the offer is made.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Two independent studies on the impact of coaching, both conducted in 2001, revealed incredible return on investment (ROI) by corporations.  Manchester Inc., an executive coaching company, released results of a study on customized, comprehensive executive coaching programs.  Results included improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service and shareholder value. Other benefits included fewer customer complaints, and greater retention of executives who had been coached.  

The coaching programs delivered an average return on investment of 5.7 times the initial investment in a typical executive coaching assignment -- or a return of more than $100,000. Executive coaching programs focus on helping executives adjust to new organizational realities and not just survive, but thrive.

The second study, by MetrixGlobal LLC on the return on investment for executive coaching program in a Fortune 500 company, found that coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business…productivity (60% favorable) and employee satisfaction (53%) were cited as the areas most significantly impacted by the coaching.

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